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Slotted Washer Catalog

  • Provides soft, uniform friction between two surfaces.
  • Provides less load build up and more flexibility than a standard disc washer, it offers a wide range of flexibility.
  • Intended for maintaining a uniform pressure between surfaces, not for repeated flexing.
  • Developed for use in electrical boxes, slotted washers are sometimes referred to as electrical washers.
Stock Materials:

  • Spring Steel: SAE 1074 / ASTM#A684, hardened to Rockwell C45-50.
  • Stainless Steel: 301 / 302 Stainless Steel to ASTM#A177.

* These are materials we stock in various thicknesses. It does not mean we have finished inventory of all washers in each of these materials.
** Non stock alternate materials that are commonly run are Phosphor Bronze to ASTM#B103, and 17-7 Stainless Steel.
*** Customer specific materials different than those listed above are commonly run.


  • Steel: Provided Plain Finish. Slotted Washers can be provided with a mechanical zinc plating processed in house which eliminates hydrogen embrittlement. A wide range of additional coatings are available: zinc electroplating, phosphate coatings, black oxide, etc.
  • Stainless Steel: provided plain finish.
  • Phosphor Bronze: provided plain finish.

Item #
Inside Diameter 'A'
I.D. Maximum
I.D. Min
O.D. Max
O.D. Min
Height 'H'
Width of Slot 'C'
Depth of Slot 'D'
Spherical Radius 'R'
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EW-524 7/640.1300.1200.3650.3451/163/641/160
EW-348 7/640.1350.1150.4790.4595/641/163/321/2
EW-396 9/640.1660.1460.4790.4595/641/163/321/2
EW-401 9/640.1680.1480.5730.5531/161/163/323/16
EW-244 5/320.1820.1620.4790.4595/641/163/321/2
EW-252 11/640.1850.1750.4790.4591/161/163/320
EW-508 3/160.1930.1890.4980.4935/641/161/321/2
EW-402 3/160.2130.1930.7600.7403/321/161/81-1/4
EW-454 3/160.2130.1930.5730.5531/161/163/321-0
EW-254 13/640.2290.2090.5730.5533/323/647/649/16
EWHF-122 1/40.2600.2520.6350.6153/321/163/323/4
EW-523 1/40.2630.2581.0121.0045/323/325/321-1/4
EW-238 1/40.2760.2560.7600.7403/323/325/321-0
EW-365 1/40.2760.2561.2601.2401/83/325/162-1/2
EW-521 9/320.2880.2831.7601.7405/321/83/83-5/32
EW-239 17/640.2910.2711.0100.9905/323/323/161-1/4
EW-522 21/640.3350.3301.0121.0045/323/325/321-1/4
EW-403 5/160.3380.3181.1351.1155/321/163/161-1/2
EW-245 21/640.3540.3341.5101.49013/645/323/82-0
EW-246 23/640.3850.3651.7601.7405/321/83/83-5/32
EW-256 23/640.3850.3650.7600.7403/323/321/81-0
EW-250 3/80.4000.3801.5101.49013/645/323/82-0
EW-253 3/80.4010.3811.7601.74013/641/83/83-5/32
EW-257 25/640.4160.3961.0100.9905/323/323/161-1/4
EW-255 7/160.4630.4431.7601.74013/641/83/83-5/32
EW-240 29/640.4790.4591.5101.4901/45/323/161-1/2
EWHF-240 29/640.4790.4591.5101.49015/645/323/81-1/2
EWHF-121 1/20.5050.5011.0100.9901/163/323/161-1/4
EW-251 31/640.5100.4901.7601.7405/321/83/83-5/32
EWHF-111 1/20.5110.5011.0100.9905/643/323/160
EWHF-133 5/80.6580.6381.7601.74013/641/83/83-5/32
Total: 31