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Cupped Plugs and Cupped Plugs Pierced Catalog

  • Inexpensive, efficient, permanent method of closing/sealing manufactured holes in castings and other processes.
  • Press / interference fit into a through hole – no counter bore required.
  • Higher pressure retention than a standard blanked edge Welch Plug.
  • More expensive than a Hubbard (Welch Type) Expansion Plug.

Stock Materials:

  • Steel: SAE1008/1010 low carbon steel: ASTM#A109
  • Aluminum: 1100H14 to ASTM#B209.
  • Brass: ASTM#B36.
  • Stainless Steel: 302 / 304 ASTM#A313
* These are materials we stock in various thicknesses. It does not mean we have finished inventory of all plugs in each of these materials.
** Customer specific materials different than those listed above are commonly run.


  • Steel: provided plain finish with a light oil. Expansion plugs can be provided with a wide range of coatings: mechanical zinc (processed in house), electro-zinc, black oxide.
  • Aluminum: provided plain finish. Aluminum plugs are washed in a light mineral spirit in order to remove any solvents or residue.
  • Stainless Steel: Provided plain finish. Stainless Steel plugs are washed in a light mineral spirit in order to remove any solvents or residue. Stainless plugs can be passivated.
  • Brass: provided plain finish. Brass plugs are washed in a light mineral spirit in order to remove any solvents or residue.

Entering an RFQ:

Find the desired plug diameter from the list of part numbers below. Click on this part number and then enter the requested information from the choices provided – material type, material thickness, requested finish (for steel), and desired quantity. You will also have the opportunity to send us any special notes or requirements for our review.

Item #
Major O.D. 'B' Maximum
Major O.D. 'B' Minimum
Minor O.D. 'A' Maximum
Minor O.D. 'A' Minimum
Height 'H'
Radius 'R'
Hole I.D. 'C'
Note : click on item number to submit request for quote
CP-170 -------0.035
CP-111 0.2000.1950.1900.1853/163/64-0.020
CPP-135 0.2570.2520.2390.234-3/64-0.025
CP-129 0.2650.260.2470.2421/43/64-0.025
CP-124 0.2750.2650.2650.2553/165/64-0.020
CP-141 0.2890.2840.2790.2743/163/64-0.020
CP-144 0.3320.3270.3090.3041/41/16-0.032
CPP-111 0.3420.3360.3420.3363/643/3211/640.020
CPP-112 0.3670.3610.3670.3613/161/815/640.016
CP-112 0.40.3950.380.3757/321/16-0.036
CPP-126 0.4420.4320.4420.4321/163/649/320.020
CPP-113 0.4540.4340.4540.43417/641/1611/640.050
CP-131 0.4580.4480.4370.4323/161/16-0.032
CPP-124 0.5020.4970.5020.4973/81/161/40.022
CPP-114 0.5470.5410.5470.5413/81/161/40.022
CPP-115 0.550.5440.550.5443/161/1619/640.032
CPP-122 0.550.5440.550.5443/161/1621/640.032
CP-123 0.5550.5450.5360.5301/21/8-0.032
CP-171 0.570.5660.5640.563/163/64-0.022
CP-130 0.5720.5620.5620.55219/641/16-0.032
CPP-123 0.5810.5750.5810.5751/81/163/160.032
CPP-130 0.6310.6250.6310.62511/645/6417/640.064
CP-145 0.6340.6310.6340.63125/643/64-0.020
CP-149 0.6390.6360.6390.63613/645/64-0.040
CPP-129 0.660.6540.660.6547/641/1623/640.016
CPP-125 0.6690.6590.6690.6595/165/6415/320.050
CP-137 0.6960.690.6960.6913/643/32-0.025
CPP-132 0.7550.7450.7550.7451/161/3239/640.010
CP-169 0.7640.7540.7640.7545/16--0.050
CP-128 0.7660.760.7660.7613/643/32-0.025
CP-136 0.7780.7720.7340.7281/41/16-0.032
CPP-134 0.8060.7940.7640.74439/641/817/640.072
CP-138 0.8170.8110.8170.8111/83/32-0.032
CPP-116 0.8170.8110.8170.8111/83/3219/320.032
CPP-117 0.8230.8170.8230.8171/81/1611/320.036
CPP-119 0.8740.8680.8740.8689/163/3225/640.025
CPP-118 0.8780.8720.8780.8723/163/3217/320.050
CP-146 0.8870.8840.8870.8841/47/64-0.050
CPP-120 0.9090.9030.9090.9035/161/161/20.020
CP-114 0.9240.9180.9090.89911/323/32-0.032
CP-115 0.9420.9360.9340.9283/83/32-0.032
CP-116 0.9420.9360.9270.9171/43/32-0.032
CP-133 0.9590.9530.9510.9453/163/32-0.062
CP-118 1.0081.0041.0030.9991/21/16-0.040
CP-117 1.0091.0031.0081.0027/161/8-0.062
CP-166 1.0121.011.0121.015/161/16-0.050
CP-119 1.0631.0571.0631.0575/169/64-0.050
CP-121 1.0991.0931.0931.0877/161/8-0.062
CP-172 1.1411.1351.1281.122-1/16-0.032
CP-168 1.1961.191.1791.1735/161/8-0.062
CPP-121 1.3781.3721.3781.3727/641/3253/640.025
CP-120 1.381.371.3691.3583/81/8-0.032
CP-132 1.3861.371.3861.3813/323/32-0.036
CPP-162 1.3881.3861.3881.3865/161/16-0.064
CP-122 1.5081.5021.5081.5027/163/16-0.062
CP-134 1.5211.5151.4951.4897/161/8-0.062
CP-142 1.541.531.5291.5183/81/8-0.032
CP-140 1.5671.5571.5561.5453/81/8-0.032
CP-160 1.8871.8851.8871.8851/41/16-0.064
CP-125 1.9481.9421.941.9349/161/8-0.062
CP-126 1.9641.9581.9561.955/81/8-0.062
CP-147 2.0172.011.9971.9927/169/64-0.074
CP-135 2.0222.0161.9971.9917/161/8-0.062
CP-164 2.1382.1352.1382.13523/641/16-0.064
CPP-128 2.3242.3042.2892.26911/325/3225/320.062
CP-143 2.7722.7662.7472.7417/161/8-0.062
Total: 66